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Ha, ha Diana. I think we both know that I’m on time when I really need to be.

Then it seems you are well aware when you are.


Sort of? I mean you said it was urgent, so I left right away. Normally if it’s a scheduled time I leave early and get sidetracked. But when I hear urgent I head right here and tunnel vision everything else.



Great Hera, and here I thought you were going to arrive late. [She smiled, teasing.]


Ha, ha Diana. I think we both know that I’m on time when I really need to be.


The hug itself wasn’t as strange as it was the first he had been hugged. It was warm and comforting rather than strange and foreign. Thad enjoyed the feeling, but of course one wouldn’t hear him admit it. Sometimes he felt he could have been better off without emotions, but in the small moments like these he appreciated them. Thad took note as it wasn’t as tight a hug as it could have been. Looking up a bit quizzically at his grandfather he admitted, “I wouldn’t have expected that from you. You just don’t seem the type to bottle things up.”

"Thanks." A smile touches his lips for a second before stepping back. "I’ll…see you some other time, yeah?"

Barry shrugs simply at the question, taking a step back before answering. “I don’t play it up. When it comes to others I’m always doing my best to make sure they’re okay. But with myself, I don’t like to share too much. I’m prideful, and I know it. I know I have the knowledge to fix myself, and I figure all I need is the time; in both body and mind anyhow. I don’t like asking for help, and that’s always been a very big thing for me. If I know I can do it, I don’t ask. If I know I have the time to figure it out, I don’t ask. And as always I almost never have the time, and I run over into lateness, but that’s just who I am.”

Barry nods and smiles, “You do know you just don’t have to leave when we get to this kind of stuff, right? I mean if you have somewhere to be then by all means, otherwise I’m about to do some yard work if you’d like to help.”

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       ”You try anything slick and I’ll
         catch you this time, Barry.”

"Slick? Well I’d never!"

It changes…it all changes now.


Diego Klattenhoff as Donald Ressler in the Blacklist 1x08 ~ part 1


Best Ever Hot Chocolate French Toast


Red: Once you cross over, there are things in the darkness that can keep your heart from ever feeling the light again.

(1x16 - Mako Tanida)

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Bart Allen & Barry Allen • “Of course he matters to me. I want him running alongside me no matter what. We’re family. The Flash Family.”