Justice League America #92 (1994)

It is okay for your character to be irrational

It is okay for your character to seem stupid and make mistakes that are just as stupid

it is okay for your character to misunderstand

It is okay for your character to get angry, sad, or anything over something—even if it is simple.  

It is okay for a character to act out/lash out over something

It is okay for your character to be sensitive

It is perfectly fine because they are people. That is what people do.

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"I just meant quoting Elton John like that in general. Sorry, maybe it’s just a bit of the Midwest in me?"

        “Still don’t see how that equates to us finally doing it, but whatever.”

"I meant like, me doin’ you. You know, in the butt. That reference makes it seem like you’d enjoy it?"



"Well I think we all know just exactly how things will work when we finally do the do. With that reference makes it seem like you want me to do the do to you?"

        “I’m not following… Where’d you get that from the loneliness of space?”

"I just meant quoting Elton John like that in general. Sorry, maybe it’s just a bit of the Midwest in me?"


Bart Allen & Barry Allen • “Of course he matters to me. I want him running alongside me no matter what. We’re family. The Flash Family.”


Honor among thieves

The Flash Annual #1

Francis Manapul and Scott Kolins

Superman Wonder Woman 004


[By: Tyler Champion]

ϟ Speedsters

cranefeather said: Wally in a lab coat looking like a dweeb.

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The Flash vs. Gorilla Grodd - Admira Wijaya


Laughing was unexpected, but not unwanted. He was happy to have heard laughter as opposed to something a little more negative. However, he knew once he said the other roommate was ‘Loki’ they’d be having an entirely different conversation. Bart kicked off his shoes and brought his feet back to the couch, fiddling absentmindedly with the loose string on the end of his socks. ”Right, gotcha.”

Though it was good news Barry already knew who Tommy was, he still had to find some way to explain he was about to move in with Loki ; someone whom the Titans had already shown a displeasure of Bart simply meeting. Tim and Kon especially, for some odd reason.

     ”Okay, so, I’m looking for a job right now, but I’m sure I can land just about anything I want - We haven’t talked about the rent yet though. Ah. He already has furniture, the guy who offered me the place.” he trails off. “Uh. I think I’ll just save up for my own stuff. Or make it myself.”

                 ”Tommy’s already living there, basically, and my other roommate would actually be, uh, Loki.


     ”You know, kinda tall? Green-motif? Demi-god - I’m sure you’ve heard of him before.”

"You have the patience to work regular jobs? I know if I’d had my powers when I was startin’ out on my own in the city I never could have. I worked at a grocery store for a year, and let me tell you, some people could burn through all the patience in the world with you. If you’re still goin’ through to be a forensic scientist eventually like me then I could get you an internship at the lab with me. Again you couldn’t be my grandson, you’d have to be my cousin or kid brother, but it’s an option. You wouldn’t be allowed to work with me, and the pay wouldn’t be the best, but it’d be experience in that field and you’d be making more than minimum wage."

Barry nods, “That’s fair, but you do know that we’re here to help you in any way that we can. We may not be your guardians, but you are our grandson and it’s our responsibility to give you everything you need to be successful, if you ever need help with the rent I can always pull a few extra shifts to help cover you. And nonsense, I mean you’re certainly welcome to save for it, but your grandma and I still owe you a proper birthday gift, if you want money to buy clothes or a good mattress just let us know.”

As soon as he hears the name, Barry stiffens, straightening up. He couldn’t be judgmental, this was Bart’s choice as much as he was worried. He couldn’t control Bart, he’d learned that lot ago, it was best to let him make his own mistakes. “I’d rather not meet him, if you’re okay with that. I’m just not comfortable with that. Plus the twins are young, and, well I’m not saying I don’t trust him, but I’ve read enough reports that tell me not to trust him. I’m assuming he’s young again though? I assume you’re not living with a physically 40 year old Demi-god? Tommy is free to come over if you want to bring him for dinner, but I’d rather not bring any trouble around the twins, just a safety precaution.”


The Flash Annual # 2

Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato


 The fastest man alive

Collab with my dear friend avenk, she drew the wonderful lineart and I colored the thing uwu

Accept the things you cannot change, have the courage to change the things you can and have the wisdom to know the difference. —

Nora Allen (voiced by Grey DeLisle Griffin) to young Barry Allen (same actress), Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

adapted from Reinhold Niebuhr, The Serenity Prayer